Distance Training – Week 5

We are continuing to slowly build up mileage and intensity this week. I was impressed with how well we did at Proviso West considering the relatively low amount of work we have done so far. This is a very good sign.

We have this week off of racing, so we are just training this week.

  • Monday: Long run/tempo day
    • 40 minute run, 15 minute tempo, 5 minute cool down jog
    • Freshmen: 40 minute run, 10 minute tempo
    • New joins: 30 minute easy run
  • Tuesday: Easy run + weight training
    • HIT: 1.5 minutes of: 15s jog, 15s sprint at 95% effort
    • 40 minutes (freshmen: 30 minutes)
    • Weight training: Usual routine
      • “Chair of Death” squats, back squats, dumbbell goblet squats, single-leg deadlifts, push ups, suitcase carry
  • Wednesday: Running economy workout
    • Running economy workouts are simply to practice relaxing into a fast pace. Running economy is how much energy you use for a given speed. We want to lower that energy demand, so we practice relaxing into a decent pace.
    • Pace: Fast, but very relaxed (approximately 1600m-3200m pace). No faster than 1600m effort today.
    • Track workout (if track is clear):
      • 2 x 200m, 2 x 300m, 2 x 400m, 2 x 200m (freshmen: sit out 300s)
      • Equal distance jog recoveries
    • Fartlek workout (if not clear):
      • 2 x 30s, 2 x 45s, 2 x 60s, 4 x 30s (freshmen: done after 60s bouts)
      • Equal time slow jog recoveries after fast bouts i.e. 30s jog after 30s fast, 45s jog after 45s fast, etc.
    • MUST group up on the recovery jogs
  • Thursday: Easy run + core/strength workout
    • HIT: 1.5 minutes of: 15s jog, 15s sprint at 95% effort
    • 50 minutes (freshmen: 35 minutes)
    • Core/strength workout
  • Friday: Running economy workout or race practice
    • TBD
  • Saturday: Very short, very easy jog on your own (“shakeout”)
    • 0-30 minutes
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • No training at all


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