Distance Training – Week 7

Many (or all) of you were tired last week, which is to be expected at this point of the season. Do not read into times too much at this point of the season. We’re still steadily increasing mileage and intensity. There is still work to be done if we want to compete our best later in the season.

I want to get a good amount of work in this week, and then drop mileage to give you guys some extra recovery next week for the second U-High meet. Boys will have one more day this week to recover between the workouts and meet than last week, so you won’t be as tired.

Due to the Friday meets this week and next, we’re switching up the usual schedule again to have our main track workout on Mondays and our longer tempo workout on Tuesday.

Yes, that is two workouts days back to back. Running while tired is how you get stronger as distance runners, both mentally and physically. When we do this, the second workout is always moderate and not overly taxing. This is also a good reminder that the State Meet is two days in a row. That means you will want the strength to compete well two days in a row. This is how you get better at that. You will have two easy days to recover after these workouts.

Next week will be a little easier.

Note: Our first Pie Run of the season is on Wednesday!

Cool thing of the week: Matt Centrowitz’s training (2016 1500m Olympic Gold Medalist) 

At 4:00 pm, warm up to the track this week.

  • Monday: Track workout + weight training (hard day!)
    • Remember to warm up to the track
    • 2 x 100m at 95%, 2 x 1600m at tempo pace, 3-4 x 800m at 3 mile race pace
      • Freshmen: stop after 2 x 800m
      • Rests: 2+ minutes after each 100m, 60s after each 1600m, and 3 minutes after each 800m
    • Weight training
  • Tuesday: Long run/tempo day
    • 40 minutes, 15 minute tempo at loop in park near the track
    • Cool down: 15 minutes
    • Freshmen: cool down to school
  • Wednesday: Pie run
    • HIT: 15s jog, 15s at 95% for 2:00
    • Core/strength workout
    • 35 minute run ending at First Slice (near the Francisco Brown Line stop)
  • Thursday: Pre-meet
    • 30 minutes
    • Hand-off practice?
  • Friday: U-High Midway Miles #2
    • Prepare for this to be a late night. Meet start time is 6:30 pm.
    • Bus leaves at 4:30 pm.
  • Saturday: Recovery run on your own
    • 30-40 minutes
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • Nothing!




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