Distance Training – Week 8

As promised, we’re going to go a little easier this week. Every few weeks of training, I like to drop the training load slightly to allow for more recovery. We’ll still get some workouts in this week, but they won’t be quite as long.

Cool thing of the week: Training of a 4:05 high school miler – This athlete went to North Shore Country Day, a school we saw at the last meet and will see again this Friday.

  • Monday: Track workout + weight training
    • 2 x 100m sprint at 95%, 4 x 800m between 5k and tempo pace, 5 x 200m at 1600m to 800m pace
    • Rests: 2 minutes after 100s, 60 seconds after 800s, 200m jog after 200s
    • Weight training
  • Tuesday: Tempo
    • 25 minutes easy, 15 minute tempo
    • Freshmen are done after tempo. Everyone else has a 10 minute cool down
  • Wednesday: Easy run
    • HIT: 15s jog, 15s sprint at 95% for 2 minutes
    • 30 minutes easy
    • Core/strength routine
  • Thursday: Pre-meet or time trial
    • 20 minutes easy ending at track
    • Those skipping Friday’s meet: 1600m time trial after easy run
  • Friday: U-High Midway Miles #3
    • This is the same meet as last week. Prepare for a late night.
  • Saturday: Easy run on your own
    •  30-40 minutes easy
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • No training

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