Distance Training – Week 11

Spring Break Schedule: Meet at the school at 4 pm as usual, Monday through Friday unless notified otherwise.

Congratulations to Sara McCoy for her 7th place medal at Illinois Top Times in the 1600!

Have extra time over spring break? Read THIS for good running form.

Cool thing of the week: A glimpse of world-class 800m runner Brenda Martinez’s training – BASE TRAINING, COMPETITION TRAINING – Interesting that there is a LOT of focus on aerobic fitness with tempos, long runs, and long repeats for an 800m runner even right up until her peak race at the USA National Championships.

  • Monday: Long run
    • 70 minutes (same for freshmen)
  • Tuesday: Track Tuesday
    • 8 x 300m at 1600m pace, 100m walk recoveries, 1 x Sandburg
    • You can cut down the 300s to about 800m pace if you’re feeling good.
    • Sandburg = 100m sprint at 95%, 60s rest, 200m at 800m pace
  • Wednesday: Easy run
    • HIT or ultimate
    • 50 minutes (freshmen: 40 minutes)
    • Pie run? (depending on weather)
  • Thursday: Easy run
    • HIT or ultimate
    • Similar mileage as Wednesday
    • Pie run? (depending on weather)
  • Friday: Track Workout
    • 3200m tempo, 4 x 800m at 5k pace, 2 minute rests
  • Saturday: Easy run on your own
    • 50 minutes (freshmen: 40 minutes)
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • Nothing

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