Distance Training – Week 12

It’s officially outdoor season!

The main focus of the outdoor season is on a few big meets: Palatine Distance Night, City Championships meets (Fresh/Soph and Varsity), Sectionals, and State.

The 4-5 weeks before championship races is the optimum time to really put the training in to get better. That means April is going to be fun: more intense workouts, faster races, better weather.

***Watch this video for how to do the Runner Touch with proper form.***




Cool thing of the week: Maybe the greatest track race ever run?

Note: There is rain/snow in the forecast this week, so we may need to adjust this schedule as we go.

  • Monday: Speed ladder workout
    • 200m, 300m, 400m, 600m, 400m, 300m, 200m
    • Rests: 5 minutes after the 600m, 90 seconds after everything else
    • Paces:
      • The 200s and 300s should be about 800m race effort
      • The 400s should be about 1600m race effort
      • The 600 is what the workout is all about. To practice switching gears in a race and grinding out the middle part of a race, the middle 200 of this rep should be run fast. The 600 should average somewhere near 1600m race pace or faster, but with the middle 200m at 95% effort.
  • Tuesday: Easy run day + weight training
    • Short speed (ultimate or HIT or other)
    • 50 minutes (freshmen: 40 minutes)
    • Weight training
  • Wednesday: Aerobic endurance workout + practice kicking
    • 3200m tempo, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 2 x 300m
      • Freshmen will sit out the 800m.
    • Rests: 3 minutes after everything until the 300s. We’ll take a bigger break after the 400.
    • Paces:
      • We’ve been doing tempos by effort, medium to medium-hard, but now that it’s outdoor season, we need to make sure these are in the right range. Take your mile time and add 60 to 70 seconds. That is your range e.g. a 6:00 miler should be running 7:00-7:10 per mile on tempos. You should be on the faster side of that range unless it is a big strain.
      • The 1200, 800, and 400 should be cut down. The 1200 should be at 5k/3 mile race pace. The 800m a little faster. The 400m a little faster. A good progression would be 1200m at 5k, 800m at 3200m pace, 400m at 1600m pace.
      • For the 300s, we’ll practice the last 300m of a race.
  • Thursday: Speed + Easy run + core/hip exercises
    • Speed
    • 50 minutes (freshmen: 40 minutes)
    • Core/hip
  • Friday: Pre-meet
    • If meet is not canceled:
      • Hand-off practice
      • 30 minutes
    • If meet is canceled:
      • Hand-off practice
      • 50 minutes (freshmen: 40 minutes)
  • Saturday: Meet
    • Girls: CPS Relays – CANCELED
    • Boys: Niles West
    • Distance time trials with Mather and Deerfield (and possibly Von) are being held at the River Park Outdoor Track on Saturday. This is optional for Northside, but it would be fun. We are expecting 20+ runners for at least an 800m and 1600m race. Warm up would start at 11:00 am at the track. Races would start at 11:30 am.
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • Nothing

Bonus video to celebrate the outdoor season: Alan Webb breaks Jim Ryun’s national high school mile record with a world-class time in 2001. Two of the best high school athletes ever.


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