Distance Training – Week 13

Last week, we had workouts geared more towards the anaerobic system with fast repeats. This week, I want to make sure we stay in touch with the aerobic system with a long run and longer slower repeats at 5k/3 mile/cross country race pace. We will also keep a speed component with strides, 200s, and a fast 300.

It’s very important to keep the easy mileage up to keep improving and stay injury free, so you’ll also be expected to get the runs in on your own on the days we don’t have practice.

This video is up again because the Runner Touch is a super important exercise for both injury prevention and faster times as it helps you run with correct form using the correct muscles. Make sure you are doing these right! Your free foot does not touch the ground the entire time, your free hip is up, back is not rounded

Cool thing of the week: Elimination Mile (last person each lap get eliminated)

  • Monday: Long run
    • 75 minutes (including freshmen)
  • Tuesday: No practice. Easy run on your own.
    • 10 minute warm up + 50 minute easy run
    • 4-6 x 100m strides before, after, or during run
  • Wednesday:
    • 5-6 x 1000m at 5k pace, 3 minute rests
    • 1 x 300m kick progression. Three rules:
      1. Should be progressed (not all-out the whole time)
      2. Should be racing each other on the home stretch
      3. Never tie up. Practice relaxing and controlling your form in final few meters.
    • Weight training
  • Thursday: Easy run
    • 4 x 200m at 800m pace with hand-offs
    • 50-60 minutes (including freshmen)
    • Core/hip exercises
  • Friday: No practice. Easy pre-meet run on your own
    • 10 minute warm up + 30 minute easy run
  • Saturday: Track Meet
    • VanDeever Invite at Geneva High School
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • 0-30 minutes slow jog


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