Distance Training – Week 15

Championship Season is upon us.

Sophomore City is this Saturday. If anyone can not make Sophomore or Varsity City Championships, I need to know IMMEDIATELY and you will need a very good excuse (e.g. incurable disease). Varsity City is next week and juniors and seniors will have other meets this weekend.

I will try to find a spot for all freshmen and sophomores at the Sophomore City Championships this Saturday. No distance freshmen or sophomores will compete at the varsity level this year because I think our underclassmen are some of the best in the city and will compete well on Saturday.

Our frosh/soph 4×8 time at Lake Forest last Saturday would have placed second at City last year. Any of the people in that relay could could score in the 800m, and we should be going for a City title in the 4×8! Gwen’s 800m time on Saturday would have also placed second in the City last year. Kate’s 3200 and the girls 4×8 times would have also scored points at City. Ezra will be looking for points in the 1600m.

We have a lot of opportunities at City this year!

That said, here’s what we will be doing this week. Underclassmen have an easier workout this week and lower mileage the last couple days to prepare for City.

  • Monday: Easy run + ultimate
    • Everyone: 40 minutes
  • Tuesday: Track workout
    • Juniors and Seniors:
      • 3 x 1000m, 90s rests + 5 min. rest + 6 x 200m cutting down from 16 pace
      • Pace on the Ks is between 5k and tempo pace. Don’t overextend yourself on these!
      • I wanted a good workout for the aerobic system with a healthy dose of speed-work without overdoing it. To accomplish that goal, we can’t race the Ks.
    • Freshmen and Sophomores:
      • 2 x 4 x 200m, 200m jog recoveries b/n reps, 3 minutes b/n sets
      • First set at 1600m pace. Second set at 800m pace.
      • Hand-off practice
    • Weight training
  • Wednesday:
    • Make sure to take this one easy. This is just to maintain our aerobic fitness. Run in a big group, don’t run this hard.
    • Jr/Sr: 50-60 minutes
    • Fr/So: 50 minutes
  • Thursday: Pie run
    • Warm up to track
    • Fr/So 4×8 relays: Hand-off practice then straight to First Slice
    • Everyone else: 20 minutes easy ending at First Slice
  • Friday:
    • Jr/Sr:
      • Girls: 30 minutes pre-meet
      • Boys: Glenbrook North Spartan Relays
    • Fr/So:
      • 20 minutes pre-meet
  • Saturday:
    • Jr/Sr:
      • Girls: New Trier Trevian Invite
      • Boys: 40 minutes on your own
    • Fr/So: Sophomore City Championships (Your student ID is required!)
  • Sunday: Rest day


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