Sara McCoy Smashes Her Previous School Record at Palatine Distance Night with a 5:13.54!

With perfect conditions (cool weather, no wind, music playing, amazing competition) Sara McCoy crushed her own 1600m school record at Palatine Distance Night on Saturday with a 5:13.54 beating her previous record by over two seconds. Sara now ranks 8th in Illinois Class 2A in the 1600m.


After Sara and Erin completed their 30 minute cool down run, Sara and her supporting teammates competed in the costume 4 x 400m relay.

Chef Sara starting the relay off.
Sally Potter chasing down some girl in a tutu.
Melissa Ketchup Bottle fleeing from a T. rex.
Banana Goldman anchoring to a costume relay school record.


Congratulations to Sara on the new record, and thank you to everyone who came out to support on Saturday!

finish line4

5:13.54 1600m


Watch Whitney Young’s Clayton Mendez’s winning 4:08 and Sam Rivera’s 4:13 to represent Chicago schools in the Boys Elite 1600m race.






Yes, Melissa did successfully evade the T. rex.



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