Information for City Freshmen/Sophomore Championships! (4/28)


Updated Schedule and Heat Sheets:


Heat sheets

The City Frosh/Soph Championships will be held at Hanson Stadium (at Central and Fullerton) on Saturday. The entrance of the stadium can be accessed through the parking lot of Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy at 2231 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60639.

Bus leaves Northside at 8:00 am Saturday morning.

The meet will begin at 10:00 am, and they will try to have the meet completed by 4:00 pm.

Shields will be awarded to the top two teams. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st – 6th place finishers of each event during the finals on Saturday.

Final results will be available online at

Important Notes:

  • All student-athletes must be prepared to prove their identity during the meets, preferably through CPS HS Identification cards. ID checks will be administered throughout each meet to ensure the eligibility and identity of participants.”
  • Relays: 
    • Uniforms for relay teams must match or be very similar. Check in with your relay and make sure this is in order by Friday. If you have any questions, ask your coaches ASAP.
    • Relay alternates must be ready to go. If you’re an alternate for a relay, you need to be available at the time of the relay. No exceptions.
  • Throws: Field implements (shot, discus) must be weighed for accuracy.
  • Sprints: Blocks may not be provided at the starting line.
  • High jump: Opening height is 4’8” for boys and will be raised 2” until 5’0”/6’0”, then will subsequently be raised 1”.
  • Spike Length: 1/4” or shorter
  • No tape is to be used on the track/runways. Beanbags, tennis ball halves, and chalk are permissible.
  • Athletes can use the backside of the track for warm-up/cool down. Athletes must be off the track unless reporting to the staging area or warming up or cooling down in the designated area.
  • The track is a 440 yd, eight lane, all-weather surface. All distances except the Mile Relay and 2 Mile Relay are marked on the track in meters consistent with IHSA Metric Events.



Sara McCoy Smashes Her Previous School Record at Palatine Distance Night with a 5:13.54!

With perfect conditions (cool weather, no wind, music playing, amazing competition) Sara McCoy crushed her own 1600m school record at Palatine Distance Night on Saturday with a 5:13.54 beating her previous record by over two seconds. Sara now ranks 8th in Illinois Class 2A in the 1600m.


After Sara and Erin completed their 30 minute cool down run, Sara and her supporting teammates competed in the costume 4 x 400m relay.

Chef Sara starting the relay off.
Sally Potter chasing down some girl in a tutu.
Melissa Ketchup Bottle fleeing from a T. rex.
Banana Goldman anchoring to a costume relay school record.


Congratulations to Sara on the new record, and thank you to everyone who came out to support on Saturday!

finish line4

5:13.54 1600m


Watch Whitney Young’s Clayton Mendez’s winning 4:08 and Sam Rivera’s 4:13 to represent Chicago schools in the Boys Elite 1600m race.






Yes, Melissa did successfully evade the T. rex.



Meet Information for this Weekend



The meet that was supposed to take place Wednesday was postponed until next Friday, the 27th. Since we already have meets that weekend, it is likely we will not have anyone compete at the CPS Challenger Meet. That means it is very important to compete this Saturday.

We were able to find and enter a new meet on Saturday (4/21) for the girls. It is a co-ed meet, but only our girls will be attending. Boys will be at the annual Lake Forest meet at the same time.

  • Girls will be competing at the Walther Christian Academy Invite:
    • The meet takes place at Triton College at:
      • 2000 5th Ave, River Grove, IL 60171
    • Bus leaves Northside at 8:30 am for the girls
  • Boys will be competing at the Lake Forest High School Invite:
    • The meet takes place at Lake Forest High School at:
      • 1285 N. McKinley Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045
    • Bus leaves Northside at 8:00 am for the boys

Entries for each meet will be posted shortly.

Distance Training – Week 14

  • Monday:
    • Wednesday racers:
      • 3 x 1000m at slightly slower than 5k pace, 4 x 200m at 800 pace
    • If not racing Wednesday:
      • 3 x 1000m at slightly slower than 5k pace, 400m, 600m, 400m, 200m at 1600m pace
  • Tuesday:
    • Wednesday racers:
      • Pre-meet: 30 minute easy run
    • If not racing Wednesday:
      • 2 x Sandburg + 40 minutes
  • Wednesday:
    • CPS Challenger Meet at Hanson Stadium
    • If not racing Wednesday:
      • 3200m tempo + 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m at 800m pace with ~3 minute rests between everything
    • Palatine:
      • 40 minutes easy
  • Thursday:
    • 30 minutes
    • Plus 4-6 x 100m strides or 4 x 200m at 1600m pace with 200m slow jogs between (staying on pace)
  • Friday:
    • Boys: 30 minutes + 0-4 x 100m strides
    • Girls: Workout – TBD
    • Palatine: 20-30 minutes + 0-4 x 100m strides
  • Saturday:
    • Boys: Lake Forest Meet
    • Girls: Walther Christian Academy
    • Sara: Palatine Distance Night
  • Sunday: Rest day
    • No running

CPS Challenger Meet #5 – Hosted by Von Steuben (4/18)

As discussed at practice today, those that are able to make a meet this Wednesday (4/18) will be competing at Hanson Stadium at Fullerton and Central (also the site of Outdoor City Championships). Entrance is through the parking lot of Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy at .

Here are our FINAL ENTRIES.

Field events start at 4:30 pm. Running events start at 4:45 pm.

Full schedule and order of events can be found HERE.

Geneva Van Deever Invite (4/14) – Meet Information


Geneva VanDeever Meet Packet with meet schedule and other information.

Bus leaves Northside at 7:00 am Saturday morning.

***Prepare for rain.***

The meet will take place at Geneva High School: 416 McKinley Ave, Geneva, IL 60134.

There will be a 30 minute delay after each lightning strike.

The open 1600m will start at 8:45 am. Field events start at 9:15 am. Running events other than the open 1600m will start at 10:30 am.